Nano Carbon Coating Heat Sink

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Nano Carbon Coating Heat Sink
Model: TRA (Aluminum sheet) & TRC (Copper foil)
Nano Carbon Heat Sink


1. NanoThermo Series is one of the thinner heat dissipation materials, lowering the heat dissipation efficiently, and feasible to eliminate the heat spot.
2. NanoThermo Series with the thickness between 0.05 mm to 0.4 mm, is the best design choices on dimension consideration. It can be made to any shape, convenient to use in different products, especially the electronic products with a confined space.

3. NanoThermo is flexible, light-weight, and cost effective. Due to its compact design, it does almost not add the additional weight for products. ThermoRay is also easily handling for manufacturing process.

4. NanoThermo is a new heat dissipation material with the nanomaterials of high emissivity. It can replace the traditional heat pipe and the aluminum heat-sink for working efficiently in compact design.

5. With a special composite structure, NanoThermo integrates all the merits of good thermal solutions; especially on the thermal conduction and radiation.

6. Compared to the graphite sheet material with only high X-Y-axis heat conduction, NanoThermo has pretty good effect of heat transfer at 3D direction.

7. High surface area structure can enlarges the heat dissipation efficiency. Not only the heat convection but thermal radiation.

  • NanoThermo Heat Sink


    TRA (Al Foil)
    TRC (Cu Foil)
    A.Basic Properties
    2.8 8.7 g/cm^3 Archimedes Law
    2.Thermal Conductivity
    XY Axis >200 >300 w/m.k AC Calorimeter
    Z Axis 190 >300 Laser Flash
    >0.9 >0.9    
    600 600 mm  
    150/220/350 35/55/90 um  
    B.Specification of Nano Carbon Layer
    Black Black    
    100/100 100/100 % ASTM D3359
    3.Salt Water Spray (Surface)
    >500 >500 Hrs ASTM B117
    >2 >2 H ASTM D3363
    5.Surface Resistivity
    >10^7 >10^7 ohm/sq ASTM D-257
    6.Anti-Acid/ Base Test
    Dipping over 24 Hrs by 10% HCl and NaOH solution   >10^7





    TRA (Al Foil)
    TRC (Cu Foil)
    Thcikness(mm) (+/-10%) 0.15 / 0.2 /0.3 (excluding the thickness of thermal adhesive) 0.055 / 0.09 (excluding the thickness of thermal adhesive)
    Dimension XxY 300mmx300mm / 300mmx600mm W0.6m x L50m (Roll)
    Packing 50 pcs/box 1 roll/box

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